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Event Registration and Online Ticket Sales

From the moment a web visitor shows interest in your event, EventAct gives you the power to manage every step of the process. Right up until they receive their name tag and beyond, we have tools to assist you.

EventAct is a complete internet-based conference registration management solution for conference organizers and corporate event planners to manage the registration process and communicate effectively with registered and potential conference guests. EventAct Registration has been refined by years of servicing the most complex and demanding conferences.

We have features for those who want to register:

Multi-Lingual Forms

You can set up registration forms in English, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic. You can set up a registration in more than one language, accommodating guests from different countries.

Different Forms For the Same Event

Most options limit you to one form for your event. We understand that an event can have VIPs, presenters, booth operators, attendees, and a whole plethora of participants. To serve a wider customer base, we enable you to use different type of forms, requesting different types of information, to have what you need to cater to every single attendee.

While you may offer different registration forms to your guests, all of the data will feed into one guest list in your contacts database

The Ability to Customize Your Forms

For each form, you have over 20 different field types to choose from to customize your invitation. You can also build in data validation to make sure the right information is being entered into the fields. Our online solutions are great for self-registration and call centres.

Customize Your Form's Design

Make your brand stand out. Select a customizable theme for your registration. You have complete branding control over the entire registration experience.

Offer Discounts, Coupons, and Special Promotions

We support all methods of encouraging people to attend your event. VIPs can come at half price. Speakers can attend at a 20% discount. If someone filled out the registration, but did not complete payment, send them an email offering 33% off if they come back and attend your event.

You can offer discounts to register early, and event special deals for large groups.

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy support for all payments to your account through PayPal, Stripe, Ali pay. If you are not completely sure that your event will go forward, we have flexible charge options enabling your guests to register now, and pay later.

Guests can pay using their credit cards, online payment accounts, and can make payment over any device

Post-Registration Customer Service and Marketing

Custom Confirmation Emails

Once your guest has completed his registration, we will send an automated confirmation email verifying payment, and their attendance at the event.


Allow customers in your database to confirm that they will be coming with just one click.

Solutions for Getting to the Event

The EventAct platform offers solutions for booking unlimited hotels, room types, and pricing options. You can offer your guests all sorts of travel services to enhance their experience, airport pickup and transfer.

You also have the option to book pre and post conference tours and seminars, as well as creating invoices to businesses that need this paperwork to process payment to you

Own Your Data

Once your guests have filled out their forms, the data goes to your events database. Your database contains all of the information stored for all your guests. It also contains all information stored for guests to previous events.

You have the ability to invite prior attendees to your events to your next gathering. Anyone who has even registered, or completed most of their registration forms are included in your database.

Your database is updated in real time as contacts register new contact information for more recent events.

You are free to export and delete contacts in your event contacts database

Make Your Event Run Smoother

Simple logistics can turn any event into a hassle for a guest, detracting from the experience. The EventAct platform was designed with this in mind: to make sure that all of the little things are covered once your guests enter the front door.

Quick and Easy Check In

We send e-tickets with barcodes so you can scan your visitors in quickly. We also have a check-in app that enables you to set up self-registration stations so your guest is welcomed by a computer, and not long line the moment he sets foot in your event.

Our room blocks management software helps you avoid overbooking on hotel rooms, flight seats, or other contingents.

We have options for processing payments on site, so guests who have only made partial payment can be admitted. Even anyone who just walks in the door without notice can be accommodated. Our platform accepts multicurrency payments so you can process credit cards in Dollar, Euro, Yen, and more.

You can Issue receipts and invoices to attendees. Manage deposits, bank drafts tracking, credit card bill checking. Export accounting transaction to your office accounting system.

Our communication tools let you send personalized emails to some or all of your participants in one step, giving them fast updates about changes in your event.

Event Analysis

Customized Reports From Your Database

Based on data you have in your contacts database, along with what you learned by scanning badges at particular points and times throughout the event, you can create customized reports on what your guests enjoyed the most, analyzing what post-event initiatives you can take with each segment of your audience.

Built-in Support for Google Analytics

Synchronize your ticket sales with your Google Analytics account to track your event web traffic. Learn more about what register forms are working best, and who is buying tickets. Perform A/B testing on event pages to see what converts best.

Salesforce Synchronization

You have the option to synchronize your database with your Salesforce CRM. Take your marketing and sales efforts by combining both data sets. As data is updated in your event contacts database, your Salesforce CRM data is updated as well.