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Event Lead Retrieval

Event Lead Retrieval – Light as a Cloud

Events are great place to make tons of leads. A single booth manned by three people can engage over 100 potential customers in just one hour. In a situation like this, every minute counts. The aim of any attendee is to make it as fast and simple to share information as possible. Business cards are less common today. Social protocol demands that you speak longer to "earn" the right to ask for one, and exchanging them also takes a few moments that can be used better.

Enter the EventAct lead retrieval solution. We make it easy for anyone to collect contact data, saving time and effort.

Upon entrance, everyone is given a name tag, or badge to identify themselves and be let into the main area. Each badge has a small chip embedded into it with the contact information of the person wearing it. This contact data comes straight from your own event contacts database.

Exhibitors can now use their own smartphone, tablet or notebook to collect leads. You no longer need to distribute hardware and manage the returns of outdated hardware. Just one movement and the contact information downloads right into the users mobile device.

Your Presenters Should Get the Most of Their 15 Minutes of Fame

As one of your speakers roams the event hall right after giving his presentation, he is the man of the hour. Everyone wants to shake his hand. But it's not forever. Once the next stellar lecture concludes, it’s the next speaker who commands the room. Each speaker has a narrow band of time to be able to get everyone's email.

By enabling them to capture data by a point and shoot, he can come out with his arms full after his 3 minutes in the king's treasure vault.

Exhibitors, who also have so much time to meet as many people as they can, are able to capture leads instantly, moving people along the line, and setting up more appointments for their sales team to close.

Participants can download their leads immediately, at any time.

Features of EventAct Lead Retrieval App:

  • Collect your attendees' details as they appear in the event registration database: their name, title, organization, email, and phone
  • Capture exhibitor comments and lead status
  • Download all leads in an excel format for easy follow up after the event
  • Help exhibitors make more efficient use of their time by enabling attendees to schedule appointments with them.