Feb 2, 2020 | 7 min read

Registration forms play a crucial role in converting leads into attendees and influence directly on users' determination and confidence in their decision to register. The best registration form is one that walks the user thru the process and captures information at each step along the way.

Fear of missing out

Discounted registration limited by time or promotion code can creates a sense of scarcity that truggers fear of missing.

Divide and conquer - One Step at a Time

The secret to data capture - Breaking down the data entry into several points followed by "next" ensures that we capture information that could be used for follow-up and registration completion encouragement in cases of mid-process abandonment.

For example, if a user has abandoned the process during the payment stage, we can use the contact information captured in the previous stage to follow-up and perhaps offer an incentive to complete the registration (coupon?).

One size does not fit all - Make it personal

Registration personalization is another factor in increasing registration completion rate and EventAct allows you to control it in both role and language parameters.

Each role, be it an attendee, a speaker or presenter - requires a different set of information to be gathered. The EventAct registration forms allow you to customize your registration forms according to each user's role.
event websites and registration forms convert best when presented in the user's native language. Allowing you to customize the website and registration forms by the user's language will increase user satisfaction and reduce anxiety - resulting in higher registration rate.

This is great for your search engine optimization, a boost to traffic, and an increase in new leads and attendees.

Last but not least - payments and registration incentives!

Some people could use a little nudge to help them complete registration, such can come in various forms - "early bird" discounts for the advance planners and quick decision makers, last-minute discounts for the few remaining tickets and a host of other promotional codes.

Different payment options are important for your event management and can also act as an incentive - payments can be processed immediately at registration or - can be queued and then processed only once a predefined minimum number of registrants is reached - allowing piece of mind for both registrants and the organizer.

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