July 23, 2020 | 3 min read

Meeting other people is one of the leading motivations for people to attend events. For most of them - the number of people they meet and their potential for future synergies are crucial factors for ranking an event as "a success!".

But how does one do it when arriving at an event with hundreds or thousands of attendees? How will one know whom they should meet with and why? The EventAct pre-event Networking and Meeting Scheduler modules were built just for that.

We decided to solve this challenge by allowing your attendees to see who will be attending, contact each other, and set up on-site meetings. Thus, they get a lot of the legwork done virtually even before getting to the event!. This way, once they arrive - they can "get straight to business" and get the most out of the event.

As an organizer, you can create added value to your attendees by helping them connect, with exhibitors and speakers, and thus make the event the most impactful use of their time.

And the best thing - It's super-easy and does not require much of a setup.

How it Works

Each participant has their profile on the EventAct event platform, which includes their photo, links to their websites and social media pages, and a contact button where anyone attending the event can exchange messages through their EventAct mailbox (their actual email addresses remains confidential for privacy protection). Each attendee also has an agenda page with an hourly schedule for the days of the event including meetings that were already set up in the system.

One size does not fit all - Make it personal

Registration personalization is another factor in increasing registration completion rate and EventAct allows you to control it in both role and language parameters.

Participants can message each other to set up one-on-one meetings, lunches, or maybe just a few drinks at the bar. They can fill up their agenda with presentations they plan to attend, meetings they already set up, or reserve time-blocks for socializing or taking a break.

The EventAct networking and meetings platform enables you, the event organizer to tripling the networking power of your event attendees. A priceless added value.

Pre-Event Networking

Discussion Boards
Attendees and exhibitors can use public discussion boards visible to all users and announce updates about their booths or get an intriguing discussion started.
Search the List of Attendees
Easy to use dynamic search function lets attendees and exhibitors find whomever they are looking for.
Content-rich Attendee Profiles
Each profile includes a photo, a business interests section, links to social networks, websites, and other profiles along with a button to message them.

Event Networking

Secure Messaging
Attendees and exhibitors can use public discussion boards visible to all users and announce updates about their booths or get an intriguing discussion started.
Attendee to Attendee Meeting Scheduling
Set the time and place for a meeting based on other attendees' schedule availability.
Attendee to Exhibitor Meeting Scheduling
Schedule meetings at your booth right on the spot. Other than simply collecting the contact information of the visitors to your booth, the EventAct lead retrieval tool can also assist with follow-up while the event is still happening.
Event Organizer as a Social Director
Enjoying full admin privileges, event organizers can set up meetings between attendees and between attendees and exhibitors.

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