Build once, use everywhere

Create and edit your event agenda using Eventact easy interface. Publish your agenda in your website, event application , download it as PDF, Word document for printing or get is as JSON using API calls.

Academic and scientific conferences

Build agenda from sumbitted lecutres abstracts. Create sessions, lectures, incorporate speakres images and speakrs bio. Manage agenda with thousands of lectures that of event that spans over multiple days, multiple rooms and break-out sessions.

Multiple agendas in one Event

Sometimes you need to have a different agenda for a group of attendees. A VIPs group, a hosted buyers group, or speakers. With Eventact, you can create multiple agendas in the same event.

Speaker directoy

List of speakers with bio nad profile images.

Agenda to venue map link

Click on a lecutre or session in the evvent agenda shows the lecture location in the venue map. so guests can quickly find lecture halls.

Linked with VOD

Allow participants to view recording the lectures they missed. Enable attendees to get more value for attending and avoid frustrations when a lecture hall is full

Lecure requirements management

Manage each lecture requirements and production notes. Publish an internal agenda with production notes to the event production team.


publishing the event agenda in multiple lanaguaes can help reach a larger and more diverse audience, expand your customer base, and improve the experience for existing customers.

Branded agenda

Select fonts, colors, graphics that make the event branding. Optionally control CSS/HTML code when required.

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