Virtual Events - features
Built-in live video
Live lectures, live participants, and live desktop sharing. Nothing to install. Use speakre's and participant's built-in webcams to create live conference rooms.
RTMP ingest
Livestream in-person and virtual events from a recording studio or conferene halls to remote participants.
Live stream pre-recorded lectures
Stream pre-recorded lectures as a live brodcast. Enables event planners to pre-record speakers and broadcast the content as a live stream during the event. All participants see the same part of the video and interaction between participants. To answer questions speaker can use the chat or come live after the pre-recorded lecture.
Embedding live streams
Integrate recorded or videos or from YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook in live lectures.
Multiple rooms and breakout rooms
Eventact allow you to manage an unlimited number of event breakout rooms, halls, workshops, and private meeting rooms. As the event moderator, you control access to each room and can move participants between rooms based or assign participants to specific rooms based on registration data and logic you define.
Heads up display
Keep audience engaged with rich information along side live event video. Display exhibitors profiles, special offers, live poll results or speakers bio in real-time to increase particpant interest.
VOD Library
To enrich the experience and provide additional value to participants, a library of additional and content that is outside the current event program videos can be available through the event platform to participants.

Virtual Events - Attendee Engagement
Video-based Q&A
Post the most interesting questions from participants as a video stream and allow speakers to respond. Receive video recording of questions from participant Allow participant to post video-based feedback and questions and allow the host to preview video feedback or questions from the audience before making the video public.
Reactions are used by participants to provide non-verbal feedback to current happenings or speakers. Clapping, booing and other emotions can be expressed using the reaction bar. reactions are visible for short time by all the participants in the room.
Interactive reactions
The reaction-bar enables participants to share appreciation, approval, or other non-verbal feedback with others much like in in-person events. By clapping, booing, and using other non-verbal responses available on the reaction-bar participants can publicly feedback, and take an active part in forming a group opinion about a subject or the speaker. Reactions often spark a chain of reactions and emotional contagion leading to additional excitement and a sense of taking an active part in something.
Online Polls
To make the online event more engaging and get audience feedback the cost can post polls and quizzes. Questions can be images based or text-based. The poll results can be shared by the host with all the participants.
Embedded games help create excitement, increases involvement in the event community, and fosters connections between different people.
Room Participants Control
View particpants in the room. Control access to room particpants to speakers, organizers or everyone.

Hybrid, virtual and in-person event networking
Participants list
Participants can browse or search in the public participant list, they can send messages, schedule online video meetings in the platform or try and meet other participants spontaneously.
Attendee messaging
Allow participants to communicate in the event platform without the need to disclose their contact details publicly.
Meeting scheduling
Allow attendees to hold 1:1 and small groups private video meetings in the event platform.
Alow attndees to pre schedule meetings or inviate other on-the-spot meetints.
Smart matchmaking
System recommended connection and meetings based on participant's profiles and other signals.
Attendee profiles
Participants get a unique link with embedded security information, also called Magic Link. The participant is authenticated and signed as if he entered his login credentials.
Ticket sharing blocking
Make sure each participant registers individually to ensure maximum return on investment for event planners, sponsors and get accurate post-event statistics. Participants can not effectively share tickets, login URLs, or credentials. event is accessible to valid ticket holders. Prevent tickets, login URLs, or credentials from being shared with non-ticket holders.

Trade show and sponsors
Online exhibitor booth
Make it simple for participants to instantly connect over video or chat with exhibitors and sponsors. Accessible 24/7 a virtual booth allows participants to schedule on-site or on-line meetings with on-site and on-line staff. In their booth exhibitors can provide extensive information about the products and services they offer using video, images, digital brochures & flyers, and links to additional resources.
Exhibitor online meetings
The ability for exhibitors to meet participants online over video and share a desktop for a demo.
Custom exhibitor classifications
To make it easy for participants to find the exhibitors they are interested in the trade show organizer can categorize exhibitors by the type of product or service their offer, geographical area, and other custom classifications that are unique to the specific conference or trade-show.
Exhibitor self-service
Allows exhibitors and sponsors to self-manage their virtual event booth, upload content, select staff and download leads.
Lead generation
Allow attendees to leave bussines card or request contact from the exhibitor.
Brand Exposure
Many options and screen space for exposure of sponsors and exhibitors. Including rotating logos, custom header images, custom footer images, rotating logos, custom feature banners and popups.

Branding and custom experience
Control colors, fonts, and graphics. Custom header images, Custom footer images, and custom feature banners.
Integrated content
Lead generation
Allow attendees to leave a business card or request contact from the exhibitor.

Registration and Tickets
Setup custom event registration form. Add fields, logic, custom validation rules. Also, customize any text, message, or graphics.
Ticket options
Sale unlimited tickets types, sale diffrent event add-ons, workshops and services.
Payment processing
Connect your own marchant account, stripe account or PayPal account. Save on credit card fees. Get paid directly and quickly.

Virtual Event Access Control
Virtual rooms access
Allows you to offer different types of tickets that give access to different virtual event rooms, workshops and content.
Passwordless login
Participants get a unique link with embedded security information, also called Magic Link. The participant is authenticated and signed as if he entered his login credentials.

In-Person Events Access Control
In-person check-in
Check-in attendees. Print event badges. Self-service check-in kiosk application. or manned check-in desks powered by Eventact application.
In-person events access control
Badge printing. Customization of badges by ticket type and attendee type. Badge scanning app to scan attendee when