All-in-one Solution for Effortless Event Planning

From efficient customization and seamless navigation to multilingual support and branding control, experience the power of streamlined collaboration and personalized experiences. Elevate your events with simplicity and sophistication.


Efficiency and Time Savings

Streamline the event planning process by easily creating and modifying agendas in a centralized platform.

Customization and Personalization

Tailor agendas to suit diverse attendee groups, ensuring a personalized experience for different segments such as VIPs, speakers, or specific interests.

Branding Control

Maintain brand consistency by selecting fonts, colors, and graphics that align with the event's overall branding.


Empower participants to curate personalized agendas by selecting sessions of interest, easily share these schedules with colleagues, and seamlessly add chosen events to their calendars.

Choose your view

Agenda, timetable, sponsors, speaker pictures, and abstract links for a personalized event experience.

Dynamic Updates

Effortlessly adapt and update your agenda in real-time, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to changing event dynamics.


Easy interface for agenda building

Build Once, Use Everywhere

Effortlessly create and modify your event agenda through Eventact's user-friendly interface. Seamlessly deploy your agenda across multiple platforms: embed it on your website, integrate it into your event application, download it as a polished PDF or Word document for printing, or access it programmatically through API calls in the versatile JSON format. With Eventact, streamline your agenda management and ensure consistent, dynamic experiences across all channels.
Agenda building

Academic and Scientific Conferences

Create an agenda from submitted lecture abstracts. Add detailed sessions, lectures, seamlessly integrating speakers' images and bios. Efficiently manage an agenda housing thousands of lectures across events spanning multiple days, rooms, and break-out sessions. With our advanced platform, effortlessly orchestrate the nuanced details of academic and scientific conferences, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for participants.

Multiple agendas in one event

Multiple Agendas in One Event

Occasionally, you may require distinct agendas for specific attendee groups like VIPs, hosted buyers, or speakers. With Eventact, effortlessly generate multiple agendas within a single event, providing a customized experience for each participant category.
Speakers page

Speaker Directory

Navigate through our Speaker Directory featuring a curated list of speakers across various categories. Each profile includes detailed bios and profile images, offering insights into the expertise and diversity contributing to your event.

Venue map

Connect Your Agenda to Venue Maps

Simply click on a specific session or lecture within the event agenda to locate corresponding lecture halls on the venue map. Our integrated feature ensures a swift and efficient way for guests to find their way to lectures, enhancing overall convenience and navigation at your event.

Linked with VOD


Empower participants to access recorded lectures they might have missed, providing added value to their event attendance. Avoid frustrations caused by full lecture halls by ensuring attendees can conveniently catch up on content through our VOD feature.

Lecture requirements management

Lecture Requirements and Production Notes

Efficiently manage the requirements and production notes for each lecture. Easily publish an internal agenda, complete with production notes, to facilitate seamless coordination for the event production team.
Multi language agenda

Event Agenda in Multiple Languages

Expanding your event agenda to include multiple languages enhances outreach to a diverse audience, broadens your customer base, and elevates the experience for existing attendees.

Agenda branding

Customized Branding

Choose fonts, colors, and graphics that align with your event's branding. Optionally, have control over CSS/HTML code when necessary to achieve the perfect branded look.