tickets and registration Registration, Tickets, and Payment Processing
Establish personalized event registration forms, incorporating custom fields, logic, and validation rules. Additionally, tailor the text, messages, and graphics to your specific preferences and needs.
Multiple registration forms
Create separate registration forms for different types of guests.
Unlimited ticket options
Offer an unlimited range of ticket types, and sell event add-ons, workshops, and services to provide participants with a tailored experience.
Promotion codes, discounts
Provide discounts using promotion codes and quantity-based deals to offer participants cost-effective options and incentives.
Payment processing
Link your merchant account, Stripe, or PayPal account to streamline payment processing. Enjoy reduced credit card fees and receive payments directly and promptly.
Issue e-tickets with QR codes and barcodes for effortless scanning at the event entrance.

abstract management Abstract Management
Customizable abstract submission forms
Collect abstracts according to the conference abstract submission guidelines. Collect submitter details, authors and institutes, topics, presentation format, and abstract text, including tables and images. Customize any fields, add new custom fields and implement conference-specific logic.
Session proposal submission
Allow participants to submit complete proposals for organized sessions. Manage and review abstracts that are part of proposed organized sessions together.
Poster submission
Allow presenters to submit posters with multiple slides, PDF attachments, and videos.
Manage abstracts
Interface to monitor abstract submission in real-time, communicate with submitters and edit abstracts.
Import and export
Create custom reports. Download data in Excel format and import data from Excel files.
Built-in Email
Communicate efficiently with abstract submitters using customizable dynamic email templates.
Automatic and manual reviewer assignment
Automatically assign reviewers for each abstract based on abstract topics, reviewer expertise, and reviewer quota. Manual reviewer assignment using an easy-to-use interface.
Customizable review process
Implement the conference abstract evaluation criteria and process. Require reviewers to evaluate the abstract based on predefined criteria. Optionally allow reviewers or committee members to suggest topics and presentation types and make final accept or reject decisions.
Reviewer interface
Allow reviewers to review abstracts assigned to them. Grade the abstract. Decide or suggest the presentation format. Decide or suggest the lecture topic. Accept or reject the abstract. Ask for revision and send notes to abstract submitters.
Committee members interface
Allow Committee members to view abstracts in topics under their responsibility. Monitor reviewing progress. View grades. Set final accept or reject decision, final topic, final presentation type, or ask for revisions.
Agenda builder
Schedule accepted abstracts, build sessions, and lectures. Build poster sessions. Publish a searchable event agenda on the conference website. Download the conference agenda as a Word file for further editing.

event networking Event Networking
Participants list
Participants can explore and search the public participant list, exchange messages, schedule online video meetings through the platform, or spontaneously connect with other participants.
Attendee messaging
Enable participants to communicate within the event platform while keeping their contact details private.
Meeting scheduling
Empower attendees to conduct private 1:1 and small group video meetings on the event platform. Attendees can schedule meetings in advance with other participants and invite online participants to impromptu meetings.
Smart matchmaking
Facilitate recommended connections and meetings based on participants' profiles and other relevant signals provided by the application.
Attendee profiles
Participants receive a unique Magic Link containing embedded security information, which authenticates and signs them in as if they had manually entered their login credentials.

Event websites Event Website
Templates - Easy to start
Begin with a smart event template tailored to your event's specifics, including its type and location.
Maintain consistent design elements such as colors, fonts, text, and graphics for your event website from a central location. For granular control, manage individual page elements and sections separately, and incorporate custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as needed. Finally, publish your event website under a custom domain with SSL for enhanced security.
Eventact websites are optimized for swift loading and incorporate event-specific Schema markups, enhancing your SEO ranking. These automatic additions of Schema markups to each event page aid search engines in comprehending website content and event details, ultimately increasing search engine visibility and attracting relevant traffic.
Offer event attendees information in their native language, with support for right-to-left languages. Manage content for each language autonomously, allowing visitors to select their preferred language for a personalized experience.
Present the event agenda, enabling participants to locate lectures by topic and keywords. Participants can create a personalized agenda online and easily add lectures to their calendars for a seamless experience.
Showcase speaker profiles with images and bios, categorizing them on the event website for easy navigation. Import speakers seamlessly from registration data or event programs for efficient organization.
Exhibitors and sponsors
Highlight exhibitors and sponsors with their logos, categorizing them on the event website for clear presentation. Easily share exhibitors' information from the event app for a streamlined experience.
Venue location and directions
Provide comprehensive venue information, including location and address. Offer transport solutions to guide attendees on how to reach the event venue. Include an "Add to Calendar" button for easy event scheduling.
Venue map
Present an event venue layout featuring session halls, exhibitors, and key facilities, aiding attendees in seamless navigation. This not only enhances the attendee experience but also reduces the on-site personnel's workload.
Inquiries management
Embedded "Contact us" form enables potential guests to contact the event organizers by typing text and recording voice messages from their mobile phones. A special interface that assists event organizers in responding to customer inquiries.
Photo gallery
Add photos of previous events, venues, and other attractions.
FAQ section
Add answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Social media
Enable attendees to share the event on social media.
Articles and news
Add more content to your website using articles and updating news sections.

in-person events In-person Events Check-in
Guest check-in app
Effortlessly check-in attendees using any notebook or tablet. Generate custom event badges with QR codes, ensuring convenient scanning by exhibitors.
Self-service check-in
Turn any notebook or tablet into a self-service event check-in kiosk. Scan QR-Codes or barcodes from guests' tickets or invitations for quick check-in. Print visitor badges with QR-Codes for quick lead collection by exhibitors.
Print badges
Print badges and vouchers on arrival. Customize the badge for different types of attendees.
Session tracking
Track guests as they enter or exit session rooms.

trade show exhibitor Trade Show and Sponsors
Online exhibitor booth
Make it simple for participants to connect over video or chat with exhibitors and sponsors. Accessible 24/7, a virtual booth allows participants to schedule on-site or online meetings with on-site and online staff. In their booth, exhibitors can provide extensive information about the products and services using video, images, digital brochures & flyers, and links to additional resources.
Exhibitor online meetings
Allow exhibitors to meet participants online over video and share a desktop for a demo.
Allow exhibitors to include co-exhibitors with their distinct entries in the online Exhibitor Catalogue, where co-exhibitors are also prominently displayed on the main exhibitor page.
Custom exhibitor classifications
Create custom exhibitor classifications such as product types and serviced geographical regions. Categorize exhibitors to make it easy for participants to find the exhibitors they need.
Exhibitor self-service
Allows exhibitors and sponsors to self-manage their virtual event booth, upload content, select staff, and download leads.
Lead generation
Allow attendees to leave a business card or request contact from the exhibitor.
Brand exposure
Provide a variety of exposure options and screen space for sponsors and exhibitors, including features like rotating logos, custom header and footer images, custom feature banners, and pop-ups to maximize their visibility.

event design Branding and Custom Experience
Colors and fonts
Select colors, fonts, and graphics for virtual events, registration forms, and websites to create a customized and visually appealing experience.
Custom email domains
Use your domain for outgoing emails. DKIM and SPF are supported.
Custom emails
Personalize the text, dynamic content, and graphics of all emails sent from Eventact to attendees for a tailored and engaging communication experience.
Custom domains
Use your domain for your event website and your virtual event.

virtual events Virtual and Hybrid Events
Live lectures
Stream live lectures with real-time participant engagement and live desktop sharing. Utilize the built-in webcams of speakers and participants to establish interactive live conference rooms.
Live stream pre-recorded lectures
Broadcast pre-recorded lectures as live streams, providing event planners the capability to ensure synchronized viewing for all participants. Speakers can engage through chat or join live sessions for interactive Q&A sessions.
Embedding live streams
Integrate recorded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook in live lectures.
RTMP compatible
Livestream in-person and virtual events from a recording studio or conference halls.
Virtual Lobby
Design a 3D interactive welcome screen for seamless event navigation, effective branding, and a captivating first impression.
Multiple rooms and breakout rooms
Eventact empowers you to manage unlimited event rooms, granting you control over participant access and room assignments based on registration details and custom logic.
Live Infographics
Sustain audience engagement by enriching live event videos with dynamic content. Display exhibitor profiles, special offers, live poll results, or speakers' bios in real-time to captivate participants and enhance their interest.
VOD Library
To enhance the participant experience and deliver added value, the event platform offers a library of supplementary content alongside the current program videos.
Ticket sharing blocking
Prevent multiple simultaneous logins with a single ticket by requiring individual registrations for each participant. This enhances the return on investment for event planners and sponsors and ensures precise post-event statistics.
Rooms access control
Allows you to offer several tickets type that gives access to the different virtual event rooms, workshops, and content.
Passwordless login
Participants receive a unique Magic Link, embedded with secure authentication information. This link automatically signs them in, simulating the login credentials entry process.
Live control
Monitor room participants and manage room access based on event roles and ticket types.
Video-based Q&A
Stream the most captivating participant questions as video content, giving speakers the opportunity to respond. Collect video recordings of participant questions. Participants can also submit video-based feedback and questions, and hosts have the option to review them before making them public.
Enable live text and image-based chat among participants, with the choice of moderated or unmoderated modes. In moderated mode, messages are made public only after administrator approval.
Interactive reactions
The reaction bar allows participants to express non-verbal feedback, akin to in-person events. They can publicly convey their appreciation, approval, or other reactions using options like clapping and booing, fostering a collective sentiment. These reactions often trigger additional responses and emotional connection, injecting extra excitement and a sense of active participation.
Online polls
Conduct real-time online polls to gather audience data, opinions, and feedback, which can be instantly shared with all participants. These polls can feature both image-based and text-based questions and answers.
Background music
Set the mood with background music before the event, during breaks, and in networking rooms.
Embedded games bring excitement, boost community involvement, and facilitate connections among participants.

abstract management User Management and Security
User management
Manage users of the organization. See login time and location history. Allow security admins to add or block users and assign roles to other users.
Secured login
Secured 2-factor authentication to protect from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials. Automatic locking of inactive users to help protect from insider attacks.
Security alerts
Get notified when security-related events that occur in the account.
Built-in Email
Communicate efficiently with abstract submitters using customizable dynamic email templates.

abstract management Multilingual Features
Static Content
The core user interface elements like buttons, menus, and notifications (such as "this field is required") and instructions are translated to the chosen languages.
Date and time formats, currencies are adapted to the target region.
Right-to-Left Language Support
Supports languages that read from right to left, like Arabic or Hebrew.
User-Generated Content
Supports custom event forms, agendas, websites, event app with custom content, prompts, instructions, and email text available to users in various languages simultaneously.
Support Languages
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, Albanian, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian.