All-in-One Information Center

Our conference app consolidates essential details for participants, including attendee lists, speaker profiles, event maps, personalized schedules, and more, ensuring everything is easily accessible in one place.

Networking Empowerment

Participants can create profiles to explore valuable business opportunities within the event, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.

Brand Cohesion

Tailored to your specifications, our application seamlessly integrates your branding elements, ensuring consistency with the conference's overall identity and messaging.

Hybrid Flexibility

Whether hosting a physical or hybrid conference, our app seamlessly accommodates both live broadcasts and recorded lectures, facilitating engagement with remote participants.

Continuous Engagement

With the flexibility to open and close the conference application at your discretion, the event experience extends beyond the conference day, fostering ongoing interaction and engagement.

Comprehensive Oversight

Access detailed reports and statistical data on application activity, providing full control and insights into participant engagement and interaction metrics.


Personal schedule

Personal Schedule

The event program allows attendees to find interesting session, lectures and speakers. View lecture abstracts and lecture recordings. Build a personal agenda making it simple to plan the day onsite. Event programs sometimes changes, times can be adjusted and lectures replaces with other lectures with the Eventact Event App you can keep everyone updated. The program you create can be multi-hall, multi-day, and multilingual.

Event speakers list


Highlight the event speakers, allow participants to get more information about the speakers and send them messages. Speakers list is synchronised with other parts of the system event, pulled from the event agenda and event website modules so organizers do not need to re-enter or reupdate the speakers again.
Sponsors & exhibitors

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Event app is important for sponsors and exhibitors as a way to increase exposure to attendees and get leads. With the event app, exhibitors can share logos, images, and marketing materials together with special offers to event participants. Attendees can also schedule meetings at exhibitors both on-site or schedule on-line meetings with exhibitors. The Eventact Event App also streamline leads collection to further increase event ROI.
Connecting with other participants


Connecting with other participants is one of the top reasons to attend in-person events. The event app enables messages exchange between attendees and facilitates on-site and online meetings between attendees.
Live video

Live Video

Allow participants to view presentations from up-close on their mobile device screen, pick on parallel rooms or join sessions remotely.
Access to recorded lectures

On-demand Video

Allow app users access to recorded lectures they missed or pre-recorded lectures. Giving participant additional incentive to use the event app, additional opportunities for sponosors and for exhibitors to interact with attendees.
Venue maps & floor plans

Venue Maps & Floor Plans

Easy to use venue and venue area maps showing locations of lecture halls and exhibitors booths. The venue map is linked to the program and exhibitors list so participants can click on a lecture or exhibitor to easily locate it on the venue map.
Pre-build website sections

Event Information

Pre-built site sections that you can add to your event website in one click include:
  • Directions to the event
  • Expected weather at the event location.
  • Event key statistics
  • Frequently ask questions (FAQ)
Seamless content management

Seamless Content Management

Stop entering and updating the same information multiple times. Event program, speaker's bio and synced with your registration database, CRM and your event website
Customization of website

Customization and Branding

Choose the features and the content that will be available to the event participants. Use your brand colors, logos, banners, images, fonts, and styles. Optionally design the app buttons, their size, order, and graphics. You can also customize messages, automatic emails sent from the app. Use your domain name for sending emails and accessing the app.
Create multilingual event


Reach customers beyond your own country. One of the highest impact means of expanding a client base is reaching your customers in the language they want to read. Many successful organizations communicate in more than one language with their customers. Create one event in multiple languages - ideal for global enterprise events. Event planning for multinational corporations has never been easier.
Easily share and install

Easily Shared and Installed

Traditional event apps require a great deal of promotion and effort from organizers to get users to install them. Eventact Event App is PWA (Progressive Web App). It is easily shared using a short URL and works on all major devices. It works immediately so participants try in before installing it. After installation, it works offline without an internet connection and has relatively low memory requirements.