Streamlined Operations

Seamless mobile operation eliminates the need for scanning devices or laptops.

Enhanced Participant Experience

Upon event entry, a QR code is generated and printed on each participant's badge for efficient booth scanning by exhibitors.

Scalable Budget Solutions

Our system offers flexible budgeting options tailored to event size and exhibitor count, accommodating unlimited representatives per exhibitor.

Real-time Insights

Organizers and exhibitors access real-time data, empowering informed decisions with comprehensive reports and statistics.

Expanded Exhibitor Features

Beyond lead collection, exhibitors can leverage the platform to schedule participant meetings and create virtual booths, enriching engagement opportunities.

Data Customization and Accessibility

Viewers can annotate leads, categorize data, and seamlessly share or download reports externally for further analysis and collaboration.


Lead retrieval app

Lead Retrieval App for Online and In-Person Events

Works on standard devices. Exhibitors can use devices they already have like notebook computers, tablets and smart phones to scan visitor badges and retrieve their contact details from the event registration.

Scan QR codes and barcodes from name tags using the built-in device camera. Optionally connect external QR Code or barcode scanners.

Lead management

Lead Management

Streamline lead capture during online meetings and in-person meetings. Exhibitors can classify leads and add notes. Exhibitors download all the event leads captured during the event as Excel file allowing prompt post-event action.

Meeting scheduling

Meeting Scheduling

Allow attendees and exhibitors to schedule meetings using the Event App or schedule meeting for them from the back-office.

Exhibitor's self-service

Exhibitor's Self-Service

Upload logos, banners, special offers and marketing material. Customizing their online presence.

Qualify leads

Qualify Leads

Classify your leads and add notes for quicker after show processing.

Reports and monitoring

Reports and Monitoring

Assess the event's success using reports and statistical data on leads collection, such as the total number of collected leads, leads per day, and leads per booth.