Efficient registration processes are essential for ensuring a smooth entry into conferences. With Eventact's registration solutions, attendees can register seamlessly, whether through staffed counters or self-service stations. Let's explore the features and benefits of our registration positions.

Control and Transparency
  • Real-time monitoring of registration
  • Voucher printing and on-the-spot registration and payment
  • Attendance control and synchronization with remote positions
Speed and Efficiency
  • Fast self-service options
  • Electronic card and QR code scanning for quick identification
  • Rapid badge printing and absorption of new registrants.
Versatility and Convenience
  • Self-service registration stations for added convenience
  • Customizable tags for different types of registrants
  • Lead collection for exhibitors and networking opportunities

Self-Service Registration and Tag Printing Stations

  • Easy scanning of electronic cards and QR codes.
  • Seamless registration process for both pre-registered and new participants.
  • Secure credit card payment options.

How It Works?

Registration stations are equipped with touch-screen computers, cameras, and barcode scanners. Attendees scan their registration confirmation or enter their registration code. Badges or vouchers are issued based on registration data, with mismatches directed to staffed positions. New registrants can register on-site, including credit card payment, and receive their identification tags immediately.

Staffed Registration Stations

  • Managed by professional registration teams or your own staff.
  • Quick guest search and badge printing.
  • Ability to handle various registration-related requests promptly.

How It Works?

Staffed stations include laptops or tablets, fast badge printers, and specialized software. Registrants are quickly located, and their badges are printed on-site. Group badge production and handling of new registrants are efficiently managed. Invoices, receipts, and other requests are processed promptly.


Eventact's registration solutions offer a seamless and efficient registration experience for conference attendees. Whether through self-service stations or staffed counters, our system ensures quick processing, real-time monitoring, and unparalleled convenience, setting the stage for a successful event.