A hassle-free solution for recording session attendance at conferences, especially those with accreditation requirements. Designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy, our online system allows attendees to effortlessly scan QR codes using their own devices, eliminating congestion at entry points and minimizing the need for onsite staff.

Real-time data availability empowers organizers to make informed decisions promptly, while detailed reports cater to professional accreditation needs. Easy, efficient, and tailored to meet the demands of CME-accredited conferences and beyond.


Streamlined Tracking

Streamlined Tracking

Records attendance at every session. Gathers accurate session attendance data for accreditation, marketing, and event planning.

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Ease of Use

Easy deployment as an online solution. Attendees use their own devices, eliminating the need for special equipment.

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Congestion Prevention

Attendees self-scan QR codes, reducing congestion and speeding up entry. Minimizes the burden on onsite staff.

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Real-Time Data

Attendance data is available immediately in the back office. Empowers organizers with real-time information for proactive decision-making.

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Reduced Need for Onsite Staff

Solution based on attendee scanning reduces the need for additional onsite staff. Saves time and money on staff training.

Abstract management

Improved Accuracy

Attendees scan QR codes while seated, reducing data loss. Real-time data visibility enables proactive actions for better accuracy.

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CME Credit Management

Produces detailed reports for CME credits. Online synchronization with registration data.

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Accreditation Considerations

Emphasizes the importance of considering accreditations when choosing conferences. Lists relevant accreditation bodies such as ACCME and EACCME.

Interactive e-posters

Flexible QR Code System

Unique QR codes for each session. QR codes can be displayed on signs or screens for easy attendee access.

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Verification Process

Organizer asks attendees to scan the QR code to verify participation. Option to rescan the code multiple times for continuous attendance verification.